Saturday, June 17, 2006

Testing the waters

Ah, my first post :). I debated for some time whether to start this blog. I'm into, and interested in, computers, my passion really, which was the impetus to start this blog - an outlet for me to share and receive experiences, thoughts, wishes, dreams and anything computer related, be it hardware, software or what have you. My primary focus, since September of '05, is with Apple Macintosh, but I have had PC's, still do actually, starting with DOS and all iterations of Windows. Through the years I have "played" with the likes of BeOs, OS/2 and Unix (Linux). As already mentioned, my current focus is Apple and OS X.

I would really rather avoid the whole Apple, Windows, Linux debate as far as which platform is the best / worst. Lord knows there's more than enough of that to be found? In my mind, the important thing is that we compute, not so much what we compute with :)?! Having said that though, keep in mind the majority of my posts will most likely deal with the Apple Mac platform, for now at least. Make no mistake though, All computer posts are welcome, regardless of platform / Operating System :)!

I shall post this entry and see where this blog goes from here ... or not LOL?


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