Saturday, June 24, 2006

Email client programs

Before jumping in to the topic for this post - which is my search for "thee" email client program for my Apple iBook, aka ~ "Genie," that does it for me.

I should probably mention my wife and I are celebrating our 34th Wedding Anniversary this weekend :)! We were married on June 25, 1972 at Anaheim Baptist Temple in Anaheim, California. My secret for a long marriage? "I may be the Boss, but she's in charge" :)!

Now, on to the topic for this post. On the PC side of the fence, my email client program of choice was IncrediMail. Naturally, IncrediMail is only written for Windows :(. On the Apple side of the fence, as is the case with over 60 percent of Apple users, I use Apple's included email client program as I continue to search for the email client program, or application, that does it for me? I am keeping an eye on Kiwi, which has yet to be released. I have a hunch though, that it won't be exactly what I'm looking for, if even close? Yes, I've tried the likes of Tunderbird by Mozilla, among many others. I did come across an 'interesting' approach for an email client program when I stumbled upon Balzac. I often wonder if I'd been better off had I never discovered or used IncrediMail :(?

I'll continue the search, and keep my fingers crossed that someone eventually develops an email client program for Apple that includes stationary, sound and most importantly - emoticons :)! If you'd like to comment on this topic - please do.


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