Saturday, July 29, 2006

Smultron Icons

Another of my favorite text editors, Smultron, inherited some new icons (with version 2?) recently - though I still use and like Smultron, very much, I must admit I wasn’t all that pleased with the icon change. Well, out of the blue, Forrest Walter comes to the rescue :)! He’s provided a way to revert back to Smultron’s icons of the past, which I thank him for, and as an extra benefit, it’s “Free” :)! If you use and like Smultron but, like me, would prefer a bit more low key type icon set, here you go:

Smultron Icons

Forrest included the installation instructions on his site as well as a few screen shots to see what you’re getting. I’ve included the instructions here for convenience:

To install:

* Quit Smultron, if it's running
* Right-click on your Smultron 2.0.1 (or higher) icon
* Choose "Show Package Contents"
* Open the "Contents" folder
* Open the "Resources" folder
* Drag the files from the disk image into the "Resources" folder...
* check "Apply to all" and click "Replace"
* If you don't like them, the originals are in the "Originals" folder

Note to self - Shoot a “Thank You” email off to Forrest :)!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Full Screen (text) Writing Environment

I had mentioned a couple of alternatives for those that might like to try WriteRoom©, but are running the MS Windows Operating System. I had the opportunity to try “JDarkRoom”, and “Dark Room” on my Windows XP Pro desktop PC recently. Sadly, for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to get JDarkRoom to work, there appeared to be a lot of source files in the download but the actual Jdarkroom.jar file itself appeared to be missing? I was able to get “Dark Room” to function, after downloading and installing MS .Net framework of course. It had the look and feel of WriteRoom in general, but I honestly didn’t feel as comfortable with it as I do with WriteRoom, but then I really didn’t spend a lot of time with it. Still, if you’re using Windows, and in my opinion, Dark Room is your best bet for a full screen, distraction free, writing environment.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scripts and plug-ins

I’ve discovered scripts and plug-ins LOL! Well, I’ve known about them for some time, but have shied away from them in the past. Since discovering and using my now favorite full screen text editor WriteRoom , which I’m using to compose this entry by the way, I’ve decided to try some of the scripts / plug-ins some of the other WriteRoom user’s have been busy creating and modifying :). This is yet another favor the author of WriteRoom has done for me, opened up the wonderful world of scripts / plug-ins and the added functionality or convenience they provide :).

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

WriteRoom for Windows (sort of)!

Good news for Windows users ☺! My “distraction free writing environment” for OSX, WriteRoom, now has alternative program availability for Windows!

Windows users now have at least 2 options for a WriteRoom like program. The first is Dark Room, but it requires the Micro$oft .Net framework. The second is JDarkRoom, written in Java and does not require the .Net framework.

So, if any of you Windows users are looking for something like WriteRoom - “a distraction free, full screen text editor,” you can run - there you go ☺. I haven’t tried either as they are written for Windows. When and if I do have a need to work on a PC with Windows though, I will definitely be giving one, if not both, of these gems a look see ☺.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada and Independence Day weekend

For those of you in Canada - Happy (belated) Canada Day for yesterday - 139 and still going strong :). For those, like me, here in the U.S. - Happy Independence Day for the upcoming 4th of July festivities - 230 and still going strong!

I'm all excited :)! I'm on a "4" day Independence (Day) Holiday weekend! That and I just upgraded "Genie's" Operating System to "Tiger" 10.4.7, and it went just as smoothly as the last 4 upgrades :). Then there's my new full screen, distraction free writing utility: WriteRoom, did I mention it's also "Free?" It's by HogBay Software and awesome, in my opinion of course :). So, if you have a Mac running 10.4 or later, give it a look see.

Something else of note, I've had issues with my feet and new shoes for years :(. A doctor advised the wife to get a pair of "new balance" shoes. She recommended them to me and last Sunday we both got a pair. I wore them for the first time, and to work, last Monday. I had my old shoes in the truck 'just in case.' I wore them all day Monday and my feet felt fine. I wore them the rest of the week and am still in awe. So if, like me, you have issues with shoes and your feet, give "new balance" a try: new balance.

We're doing the traditional barbecue today rather than on the 4th - due to scheduling conflicts and what not. Our daughter and her Family are coming up, so I'm looking forward to that. The only real down side is the weather :(. The high for today is forecast to be between 102 and 104 fahrenheit of course. We'll make the best of it though :). Speaking of the barbecue, I suppose I should post this and 'think' about getting things ready for the festivities :).

Feel free to jump in with comments, suggestions, questions or just to share what's on your mind.

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