Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada and Independence Day weekend

For those of you in Canada - Happy (belated) Canada Day for yesterday - 139 and still going strong :). For those, like me, here in the U.S. - Happy Independence Day for the upcoming 4th of July festivities - 230 and still going strong!

I'm all excited :)! I'm on a "4" day Independence (Day) Holiday weekend! That and I just upgraded "Genie's" Operating System to "Tiger" 10.4.7, and it went just as smoothly as the last 4 upgrades :). Then there's my new full screen, distraction free writing utility: WriteRoom, did I mention it's also "Free?" It's by HogBay Software and awesome, in my opinion of course :). So, if you have a Mac running 10.4 or later, give it a look see.

Something else of note, I've had issues with my feet and new shoes for years :(. A doctor advised the wife to get a pair of "new balance" shoes. She recommended them to me and last Sunday we both got a pair. I wore them for the first time, and to work, last Monday. I had my old shoes in the truck 'just in case.' I wore them all day Monday and my feet felt fine. I wore them the rest of the week and am still in awe. So if, like me, you have issues with shoes and your feet, give "new balance" a try: new balance.

We're doing the traditional barbecue today rather than on the 4th - due to scheduling conflicts and what not. Our daughter and her Family are coming up, so I'm looking forward to that. The only real down side is the weather :(. The high for today is forecast to be between 102 and 104 fahrenheit of course. We'll make the best of it though :). Speaking of the barbecue, I suppose I should post this and 'think' about getting things ready for the festivities :).

Feel free to jump in with comments, suggestions, questions or just to share what's on your mind.

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