Saturday, July 29, 2006

Smultron Icons

Another of my favorite text editors, Smultron, inherited some new icons (with version 2?) recently - though I still use and like Smultron, very much, I must admit I wasn’t all that pleased with the icon change. Well, out of the blue, Forrest Walter comes to the rescue :)! He’s provided a way to revert back to Smultron’s icons of the past, which I thank him for, and as an extra benefit, it’s “Free” :)! If you use and like Smultron but, like me, would prefer a bit more low key type icon set, here you go:

Smultron Icons

Forrest included the installation instructions on his site as well as a few screen shots to see what you’re getting. I’ve included the instructions here for convenience:

To install:

* Quit Smultron, if it's running
* Right-click on your Smultron 2.0.1 (or higher) icon
* Choose "Show Package Contents"
* Open the "Contents" folder
* Open the "Resources" folder
* Drag the files from the disk image into the "Resources" folder...
* check "Apply to all" and click "Replace"
* If you don't like them, the originals are in the "Originals" folder

Note to self - Shoot a “Thank You” email off to Forrest :)!

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